Congratulations to Matthew, Ph.D. Sept 2021

Congratulations to Anthony, M.S. May 2019

Congratulations to Samuel, Ph.D. March 2018

Congratulations to Endadul, Ph.D. Dec 2015

Congratulations to Hyojeong, Ph.D. Aug 2014

Congratulations to Andy, Ph.D. Aug 2014

Congratulations to Luojie, M.S. May 2014

Congratulations to Rahul, Ph.D. May 2014

Congratulations to Jeff, Ph.D. May 2012

Congratulations to Dave, Ph.D. May 2010!

Congratulations to Jing, Ph.D. Dec 2009!

Congratulations to Camille, M.S. 2009!

grace hoper

Congratulations to Umut and Mercan, Ph.D. May 2007 !

Congratulations to Bogdan, Ph.D. May 2005!

Group pictures


May 2021.


May 2020.


April 2019.


Cristina, Talha, Caleb, Supraja, Alina, Indranil, Matthew, Muazzam, Berkcan, Samuel, Inbar, Alesia. Sept. 2017.


Diego, Matthew, Antonio, Supraja, and Cristina. April 2017.


Cristina, Gen, Antonio, Diego, Alina, Supraja, and Matthew. November 2016.


(Front): Endadul, Sam, Cristina, Hyo, and Hongjun. (Back): Cyiu, Luojie, Rahul, and Andy. May 2014.

(Front): Sam, Hyo, Cristina, Amber, Hongjun, and Endadul.
(Back): Luojie, Cyiu, Dylan, Andy, Rahul, and Michael. Sept. 2013.
Rahul, Endadul, Cristina, Hyo, Alex, and Andy. Dec. 2012.

(Front) Jeff, Hyo, Sheila
(Back) Andy, Rahul, Endadul -- Jan 2012

Andy, Stefano, Cristina, Rahul, Dave, and Jeff. March 2010.


Jeff, Jing, Cristina, Dave, and Camille. February 2009.

Dave, Jing, Camille, Cristina, Erik, and Jeff. February 2008.

Jing, Jeff, Dave, Cristina, Erik, Jamie, Reza, and Camille. October 2007
grace hoper

Jing, Mercan, Dave, Cristina, Jeff and Michael. April 2007.


Jing, Josh, Dave, Cristina, Ethan, AAron and Mehmet. April 2006.


Jing, AAron, Dave, Chris, Ben, Bogdan, Camelia, Cristina and Umut. March 2005.


Congratulations to Samuel for winning the 2016 IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize (© Stonehouse Photographic/Internet Society)

Congratulations to Endadul for winning the Graduate Teaching Fellowship Award (2014-2015)

Congratulations to Rahul for winning the CERIAS Diamond Award 2014

Congratulations to Jeff for receiving the Diamond Award 2012

March 2010: Congratulations to Dave for winning CERIAS Diamond Award!

Congratulations to Erik for Honorable Mention in the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Award. [more]

Women in computing

N2Women 2016, Mobicom 2016.

N2Women 2014, Sigcomm 2014.

Grace Hopper 2010: Lauren presenting in the poster session.

grace hoper

Grace Hopper 2006.


INWIC 2006.


CIWIC 2004.